We have your tire!
Supply used tire from JAPAN!

passenger car
PCRPassenger Car Tire
12inch to 17inch mostly we have. We can supply size and price list. Please ask freely.
light truck
LTRLight Truck Tire
16-17.5-19.5inch we have and can load to container different size together.
Truck Bus
TBRTruck Bus Tire
Mostly 22.5inch we have and loading quantiry will be 250-270 pcs per container so this is average qty.


– Business For Pleasure –

We are expanding used tire business since a while and try to be like leading company in Japan. As it shows “What we have is what you need!” We are trying to supply better condition and quantity. If you do not get much profit that is not what we like to do. Business supposed to be Both win with happiness. Let’s get to know each other and make it happen.

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Here is what we are doing recently and we try to give you proper information which we can share. We can share what you need. If you have any new idea for our business, please do not hesitate to share with us.

What we can do?

We ship to your local port in the world.   what you need is what we have.

Are you importer of used tire long time?
We can help you to grow your business together. it is available passenger car tire, light truck tire and Bus tire. Please ask us what you need.